Football betting

Placing a wager on a football match is a sure fire way to make any football game more exciting, that’s why we love sports betting. Nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of a big win especially when your team pulls up from behind and takes the win! But betting on football isn’t as easy as everyone thinks those that understand the game and how football bets work generally are the most successful punters. But, don’t worry that is where we come in, let us help you navigate the online betting websites and help you turn into a pro sports gambler.

It all starts with selecting the best sports bookie for the job

If you’re an avid football fan then you want to be signed up at an online betting site that offers a wide selection of different football leagues, tournaments, and bets. This way you can capitalize on your options. Make sure you look around at the different betting websites and choose one that offers the fixtures for leagues you are knowledgeable on. It is also important to choose an online bookie that is easy to use and of course safe and secure. If you have not yet chosen a betting site then take a look at our best online betting websites to help you make the right choice.

Understand the different football betting odds and betting options

First things first you need to understand how betting odds work and the different betting options. Let’s start with football betting odds, the best way to learn is by showing so take a look below.

Chelsea V Tottenham Chelsea 1.63 Draw 3.85 Tottenham 5.30

We pulled a fixture with football betting odds from a site, this is often how they are displayed. In order for you to understand we will break it down for you assuming you place a bet of K10.00.

  • Block 1 is the match fixture who is playing who and will also include the date and time of the game as well as details on which league or tournament it is.
  • Block 2 means you select Chelsea to win at 63 odds meaning you could win K16.30 for your bet of K10.
  • Block 3 is a draw at odds of 3.85 if you select this you could win K38.50 for your bet of K10
  • Block 4 means you select Tottenham to win at 5.30 odds meaning you could win K53.00 for your bet of K10.

Taking the above into consideration we can see Chelsea is the probable winner of the match, sports bookies are a business, after all, so the odds are calculated based on a number of facts, stats and past performance. You can often use the football odds as an indicator when placing your bets.

Different football bets on offer

There are so many different bets you can really get creative with your betting slip. Online football betting is not just correctly predicting the outcome of a match add some exciting with bets like:

  • First team to score
  • The first player to score
  • Half-time score
  • How many cards
  • Add handicaps to teams
  • And much more
1 X 2 Bets

This is the most common type of bet and it is the example bet we gave earlier.

  • 1 = home team wins
  • X = results in draw
  • 2 = away team wins
Handicap Bets

Handicap bets are little more complicated and require confidence and knowledge of the sport. When you place a handicap bet the bookie can add a goal difference to the game to try and even the playing field. This is supposed to counter the favourite team’s abilities and make it equal for the teams to go up against each other head to head.

We only suggest placing handicap bets if you are very confident with your prediction as you need to keep in mind that football can generally be a fairly low scoring sport.

Football betting variations

Live Play Betting

To make things a little more exciting some of the online betting websites we recommend offer Live Play Betting. This means you can place bets while watching the game, the odds are constantly changing as the game develops. This type of play can offer quick wins and great football odds. If you have the free time it is a great style of betting that we recommend.


Create a bet slip with numerous bets, increase your odds with every selection. This is what multi bets are all about, they are the perfect option for those that want to bet small but get a nog return. The only catch is that you have to get every single prediction on your bet slip correct in order to win. Some online betting sites allow you early cash out so if you start doubting some of your selections as you get to the end of a football weekend you can cash out early with a newly calculated odds balance.

Football betting tips

There is no sure fire way to ensure you will win a bet, even great football teams have bad days and bad football teams have great days. Part of what makes placing a wager is the excitement it adds to watching a game so we suggest you should always bet for fun and use extra money that you can spend at the bookies. But some helpful hints and tips go a long way in ensuring you place better bets!

  • Research – don’t just follow the updates and news on your favourite team or club, stay up to date with news regarding the whole league or tournament. Look at the past performance of the different teams and stay up to date with injury news and team selection.
  • History counts – take a look at the historical results between the teams in your fixture, look at the home and away results. Some teams battle to secure wins when they are away from home and vice versa.
  • Know you maths – applying some mathematical knowledge to your bets can help give you an advantage. Like we explained earlier this is a business for online betting websites they are not there to just give money away. The odds are worked out based on who is most likely to win.
  • Blind betting – having said that don’t bet blindly just using the odds assuming certain teams will win. Like we said research and news help make better decisions… and remember a lot of football matches do end in a draw.
  • Bank balance – only bet with money you have extra or set aside for fun. Trust us being broke is no fun and being in debt is difficult. When you lose money you don’t have betting is not fun!
  • Clear your mind – your friend might be the biggest fan you know for a certain team but they might be biased and remember they probably don’t know much about the opposition in that fixture. Yes, you can gain some insights from them but rather do your own groundwork.
  • Better odds – look around at the different betting websites and choose the one offering you the best odds. This is a competitive industry and online sports betting sites need to try and up their neighbours so the odds can vary across brands.

Get started with football betting

Take a look at some of the best online betting websites we recommend based on our experience with football betting. Get the best odds, the best betting features at a licensed and regulated Zambian betting house that will keep your info safe and secure.

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