What is Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers the game on everyone’s lips, the game you just keep hearing about, the game you want to play. Lucky Numbers is on offer at most leading online casinos and sports bookies in Zambia. The game is easy to play and can often result in big wins making it a popular choice with Zambian gamblers. Lucky Numbers allows users to place bet predictions on the outcomes of local and international lottery games. There are a variety of different betting options and lotteries to bet on.

How do you play Lucky Numbers?

First up you need to decide on the draw you want to place a bet on, you can choose from different international lottery draws. One thing we need to stress is that you are not purchasing a ticket for the lottery draw, you are placing a bet on the outcome of the draw. There is a variety of different types of bets you can place from guessing a single number to predicting all the numbers.

Some popular bet types:

  • 1 Number
  • 2 Numbers
  • 3 Numbers
  • 4 Numbers
  • Predict the bonus ball
  • High or low bets on the bonus ball
  • Draw Sum Bets

Each bet type will come with its own odds and if you predict correctly you have the opportunity to win big.

Select from different international markets

You can place Lucky Number bets on lotteries from around the world like:

  • Italy
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • England
  • South Africa
  • Poland
  • Canada
  • Australia

Play Lucky Numbers at these leading Casinos

We rate and review online casinos and sports betting websites to help you find the best of the best. The market is saturated with bookies offering all these services but, do they offer the best service and support to you? We can help you find the Zambian Casino you are looking for! One that is easy to use, offers 24/7 support services and of course that lucrative welcome bonus along with the best odds and jackpots on the market.

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