Online sports betting in Zambia

There is no doubt about it Zambians love sports! Just, think about it. How many times have you chatted with your friends about the football or even had an argument or two if you support different teams? Sports is something most people enjoy watching and love getting involved with! One of the easiest ways to make your sports viewing a little more exciting is to place a wager whether it’s just among friends or at a bookie. Sports betting is 100% legal in Zambia which is why there are more and more betting shops about. One of the easiest ways to get started with sports betting is online betting, signing up at an online betting site and placing bets whenever you want.

Sports betting in Zambia

With the fast-paced changes in technology a new world has opened and we can place bets online or on our phones. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and phone technology we can access our favourite betting sites or apps with a tap of a finger. Online betting sites also offer us access to betting on both international and domestic sports leagues and a variety of different sports. One of the main benefits are the competitive betting odds on offer meaning you will always be able to make the very best bets.

Top sports for sports betting

  • Football: Zambians love football so it is natural that football and soccer bets are the most popular choice at most online betting sites. You can bet on the local league, international club leagues and international tournaments.
  • Boxing: after football Boxing is probably the second most watched sport in Zambia. All of the great boxing matches are on offer when betting online and often include special promos.
  • Tennis: Bet on the main tennis tournaments throughout the year, you can select a straight-out winner and bet in individual matches.
  • Basketball: follow the action of the NBA and make it more exciting when you place bets on your favourite teams to take the win or even the title.

Getting started with online betting is easy

If you are new to online betting then we know you might feel overwhelmed with the numerous online betting website out there. You probably aren’t even sure where to start? But, have no fear! You have come to the right place. We rate and review sports betting sites to help you find the perfect match for your needs. Once you have found the betting site you like getting started is as easy as:

  • Registering an account
  • Making a deposit
  • Placing your bets

If you prefer a mobile experience then you can access most betting websites straight from your device. If you have a smartphone we suggest downloading the betting app as this will use less data going forward.

Tips for the best online betting experience

It doesn’t matter if you are a betting expert or new to the world of sports betting we could all do with a little help. We have put together a list of what not to do and handy tips to help you have the very best online betting experience.

  1. Understand the basics of sports betting: get familiar with the terms and concepts do a little research before placing your bets
  2. Set a budget: set a budget and stick to it, sports betting is only fun if you bet with the extra money you have, being in debt is no fun
  3. Gain some intel: do a little research before placing your bets, get some info on team news injuries and changes can impact the outcome of any match
  4. Be selective: only place bets on the games you have researched, great odds can be tempting but are also risky if you are unsure of the team or even the sport
  5. Play the field: look around at different online betting sites and compare the odds and promotions on offer
  6. Get involved: join communities and groups to discuss news, info, promotions and tips

Online betting sites are now on your phone

We have mentioned it a few times already but, that’s only because we think it is the best and most convenient way to bet. Downloading a sports betting app or accessing an online betting website from your phone is the future. Never miss a bet or early cash out again. Having access to a betting shop in your pocket is the key to being a great sports gambler. We have found some of the best sports betting apps from Android and Apple and if you don’t have a smartphone then just browse for our top betting sites on your phone.

Let us help you find a betting website

With so many options out there it is difficult and time consuming looking for the right website. A sports betting site you can trust and one that is fair! Don’t be fooled there are people out there looking to scam you but there are also lots of trusted, reputable and licensed betting brands you can use.

When we review sports betting websites we look for the following:

  • Licensed and regulated by the correct authorities
  • Age, history and track record of the brand
  • The variety and range of local and international sports on offer
  • Deposit and payout options that are trusted and quick
  • Betting sites that use encryption and put customer safety first
  • Special offers, promotions, bonuses and loyalty offers
  • Customer service all day every day with a helpful and knowledgeable human

If you are looking to get started at an online betting website then take a look at the great brands we work with that offer you a great sports betting experience. A big plus is that most online sports betting websites also offer an online casino product so if you are a fan of slots games, poker and roulette then you are in for a treat.

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